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Just finished Resident Evil 7: My thoughts

Analysis of Resident Evil 7

Summoning Ethan with a cryptic email, you will enter the eerie Dulvey plantation in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, proving once again why it is the king of all games. The atmosphere is strong and you will feel the chills in your bones as you see cannibalistic horrors, dilapidated old shacks and gruesome imagery. This backdrop accounts for an interesting time as you start tracing the Dulvey Mansion’s descent and enter the manifested domestic life of the residents. You will find traces of humanity behind locked doors in a discarded football helmet, academic achievement trophies and old photographs.

Mazes and Puzzles

The Baker household is a house that actually looks like it had been inhabited rather than a grandiose maze of hidden laboratories and traps that make up for an engaging series of intimate scenery change like never before. There is too must hillbilly horror in the game as it revolves around rural America. The dysfunctional and disgusting Bakers are justified by a explanation later on that doesn’t put the blame completely on rural growth. Like all other Resident Evil ancestors, this version does not fail to deliver a good place that is ideal for exploration and secret underground lairs that will make your time worth it.


The only drawback with the game is that the puzzles are actually quite simple and can be solved easily. In some cases, it almost looks like one can simply stumble upon the answers rather than putting their problem-solving skills to work. In many occasions, the answer is almost handed over to you in a silver platter before you even start investigating. Among the enemies, the Baker family will be the first that you encounter and will also be more interesting than the rest. One of the biggest highlights of the game is the fight with Jack Baker which will make you laugh till your stomach hurts as you scramble frantically to defend yourself.

Inventory Space

Getting worked up while playing Resident Evil 7 is mainly because of the difficult situations as well as the struggle to adapt to them. Due to the limited inventory space, you will end up storing shotgun and handgun ammo on a regular basis. You will also find the psychostimulants and health-restoring green herbs a welcome layer of micromanagement. Though you shift to the first person, you will start feeling the game is more adventurous than it is about shooting. The story direction ensures that your objectives are crystal clear. Moreover, the loading screen recaps during the time you die or load a save will come in handy to help you understand the objective better.

Resident Evil 7 manages to keep its intriguing elements of the original series while experimenting with a new shift in style that does not fail to capture equal love from the recipients. The atmospheric adventure and thrilling game is back with never before features, recapturing the essence of the original Resident Evil. The Resident Evil 7: Biohazard review shows that the game continues to deliver quality storyline that will impress and captivate your attention.

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